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Rolando Nispiros

After doing research on different solar kits I choose this one because of the long cables and charge controller that it came with. For someone just starting out with solar, this was a good inexpensive option. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as described. I also purchased the temperature sensor just for peace of mind. 


I have bought 20 + solar panels from sunerpower and I have been very happy will all of them. Very nice quality, good customer service. I have several mounted on a fence to keep my semi batteries charged. They have saved a lot of time and money.


Very nice looking solar power panel. Has a great mount and was very easy to set up. Puts out plenty of power to keep my battery charged. I bought the 30 amp because I plan to install motion sensor light. I also plan to mount a camera at the same post that my gate is hanging on. I like having more amps than I need just incase I add something else.